Wednesday, November 9, 2011

White Christmas + fire alarm = eventful night

Although I am generally morally opposed to Christmas things before Thanksgiving because I love Thanksgiving and it deserves to have it's time to shine, I decided to put that aside for the sake of seeing White Christmas. This is the kind of performance that I realize why I love my job because  IT WAS SO GOOD!
I loved it. 
I love musicals. 
I love Christmas. 
I love Christmas musicals!
Basically I don't think you can go wrong in this situation. I went with my friend Gentry, who also happens to love musicals. If you have seen the movie for White Christmas, don't expect this play to be exactly like it, but trust me you will still love it. I would highly recommend this play!

On a side note, the fire alarm went off in the middle of the first act. Yeah, crazy stuff. Apparently the smoke machine set off the alarm. So we were all evacuated and we had to wait outside in the FREEZING COLD, that is until they told us we could wait in the WILK until it was clear for us to enter the building again. All was well and we were able to continue the performance after a short, unintentional intermission. Unfortunately for me this means that work tomorrow is going to be a beast. Can anyone say refunds? Yeah that is what my day will be filled with. Oh and homework and a lot, a lot, A LOT of studying. But no worries, I will still have a fabulous day. 

On a side, side note, we have cleaning checks tomorrow and I don't want to clean. Why couldn't they have done it any other night? I mean come on! Give us a break! Couldn't you make it last week when I didn't have anything going on really? Oh well, I guess I better get going so I won't be up all night too late.

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