Monday, July 30, 2012

Weddings and Olympics

Last Thursday I went to a couple of weddings for 2 of the best girls I know.
I worked with Megan and Melinda in the box office and they have become some of my best friends.
Megan and Melinda were also roommates this past year and I guess they liked each other so much they decided to have their weddings on the same day! :) 
So I did a little bit of wedding hopping on Thursday.
Congratulations to Megan and Alex AND Melinda and Tim!

Then last Friday, as I'm sure most of you already know, the Olympics started!
To kick start our celebration we had some friends come over to watch the opening ceremonies.
Yay for self-timer!
Also speaking of the Olympics, have you seen this?
You're welcome.

Just a whole lot of happiness going on in these parts.
And if life couldn't get any better I'm leaving for FLORIDA TOMORROW!!!!
Please excuse me as I spend some time with my family, Mickey Mouse, and Harry Potter.
See you in a week!

Also it's Harry Potter's birthday tomorrow!!!
Happy Birthday Harry!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Story Friday

I actually wasn't able to go to institute this week, but luckily for you I have plenty of stories that I haven't put on my blog yet. This story also happens to be one of our favorites. To better understand this story these videos might help. Don't judge us because we like to watch cat videos sometimes.

Kelsie=pink, Alicia=green, Andrew=orange, and Brooke=blue.
The Great Catsby's PARTIES were better than all of Bilbo's cat's parties. The cat years were a wonderful time. Cats from the shire came in their PANTIES to show they had the best panties around. Then they fell off and nudists they became. Bilbo was a bit ashamed. He felt betrayed to associate with cats at all. He decided to suit up and destroy all cats. Suddenly one of his panties ripped. Smeagol! Bilbo waddled away feeling embarassed. Smeagol had accomplished his life's goal. Pantsing the hobbitses! Catsby wanted to liven the party up, so he pantied up and stylishly arrived at Mordor. Quick journey. His leopard-print panties wiggled-wiggled into Mordor and danced the well-known Irish jig. Smeagol was angered and bit Bilbo's butt. Bilbo screamed relatively loudly. The other hobbits rode Catsby to a secret place known to all great cats- Mewsengard. The Cat-eye Sauron saw it all. Nudity was abounding in cat world, displeasurable to no-one. Everyone loved it. Bilbo called his fashion adviser for panties like Catsby's. His jealousy of said panties was overtaking him. He wanted his preecioooouuuussss panties right now! Destination: Catsby's home. He arrived there just in time to snatch the desired prize. Fashion magazines everywhere interviewed the new holder of the leopard-print attire. Bilbo finally became popular! Catsby shot him. Catsby's rage subsided when Bilbo was buried. But his panties were forever soiled so he threw really strong soap into the washer without the panties! :( They were soiled, but determined Catsby scrubbed them vigorously. Viola! His precious panties were saved! Several (of the hobbits) were happy.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Idaho, Mom, and Pioneers

On Friday Katie and I headed on up to Idaho to pick up Karlie.
Karlie just finished her first year of college!
She has grown up so fast.
Anyways, we drove up to Idaho and helped Karlie move out of her dorm then drove back to Utah.
We  met our mom in Salt Lake and went shopping at City Creek.
It was a very successful shopping spree. 
It was so fun to be with my mom and sisters! 
 If you don't live in Utah you probably didn't know that Tuesday was Pioneer Day!
We didn't have work so we celebrated with a new sandwich place, Which Wich, The Dark Knight Rises, some pioneer-esque activities like taffy pulling and shaking cream into butter, and we ended the day with sparklers. 
 It was really really hot.
Pioneer Day and gearing up for the Olympics!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Story Friday

Story Friday
Kelsie=pink, Brooke=blue, Alicia=green
Once upon a time in a dark, dark forest there lived a witch that was very beautiful. She wasn't a wicked witch, but a wickedly awesome witch. Sometimes she would frolic through the forest with the bunnies and deer. And if she was lucky the bees would talk to her. Then one day everything changed. The nameless witch found a tomb of the famous king of the Narwhals! His name was King TwinkleToes. Actually, King Twinkletooth (because of his one long tooth). The witch (whose name is Cornelia) read his [the king's] history and learned that he was actually related to her great aunt! Her great aunt Bertha had married a half-Narwhal, half-wizard named Ivan. Cornelia was so excited to find that she was related to royalty! Even if interspecies relationships are frowned upon among the wizarding world (Ch 12; paragraph 4, section F). After this marvelous revelation she decided to travel to the North Pole to find her distant narwhal relatives (and perhaps a husband). Tales of a half-Narwhal, half-human prince circulated around the world and it reached the new king of the narwhals, King Sabertoothhead. His jealous rage caused a war. Cornelia arrived at the North Pole in search of the prince. Instead, she found everyone dead. Cornelia decided to skip marrying a prince and crowned herself Queen, wife to King Sabertoothhead. Well, widow actually, but she recovered quickly from her loss. With no narwhals to rule, Cornelia decided to inhabit the land with bees, but all froze in the cold climate. Good riddance! Her mildly incestuous marriage was questioned by other nations. She divorced her late husband in order to go on a quest to find the rumored prince of bees. She found him in the Valley of Honey, but he was in love with Buzzelia, a beautiful honeybee. The not so wickedly awesome, gold-digging Cornelia decided she was not meant for royalty. She flew, dejectedly, back to the dark, dark forest. And there she found him. The elf prince named Orlandolus. They moved out of the dark, dark forest to a cheerful tree in a glen. They defrosted their pet bees and feasted on glorious honey. Their marriage was a joyous one and they had many elf-witch children. The bees and children got along marvelously and they often frolicked together. Then suddenly a plague struck the glen! All the bees died and the children mourned their loss. Then, they discovered penicillin! The bees were revived! Everyone was overjoyed. Except the bees, who were a little groggy; they were really sleepy. But eventually perked back up. And all was well for the rest of forever. They hoped to die THEEEERE. They had a huge party and all died there. The end. Fin. They continued the party in heaven and all lived happily forever after. No end because it's heaven. Thus the forever after. 

You can read more Story Fridays here

To make you glad

Here are a few things that I have seen recently that made me laugh.

Just watch the first few minutes. His reaction is hilarious.

Oh and guess who started a YouTube channel?
That's right Alicia and I!
Welcome to the Kelsie and Alicia Show!

Yeah we think we are hilarious.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Last Friday was Krispy Kremes 75th birthday!
To celebrate they had a promotion of buy a dozen donuts, get a second dozen for 75 cents!
So we waited in line for an hour and a half for some delicious donuts.

 Bun twinsies!
 You know that thing when a midget planks on your head to provide shade for your eyeballs. The human visor. If you don't what I'm talking about look up Stefon on SNL.
This donut was just chilling on the table and I dared Andrew to take a bite of it.
 He did it.
 Free donuts in line after about an hour of waiting.
 We even go Krispy Kreme hats!
And a pink birthday donut for me!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Story Friday

I decided to start a new segment called
Story Friday
Every Thursday we go to institute and we are very attentive.
We also write stories.
We do this thing where each person writes three words and only three words at a time. 
The story usually turns into something you never would imagine. 
Maybe you won't think they are that funny, but we find them absolutely hilarious.
Our first story is just between Alicia and I and this was actually before we instated the three word rule.
I am pink, Alicia is green, and Brooke is blue.

There once was a girl named Alicia. She was princess and attended Hogwarts. When she got to Hogwarts, she was sorted into Hufflepuff. She cried herself to sleep EVERY. NIGHT. But it got better because soon she met a half-blood prince. Everything would have been perfect if his hair wasn't so greasy. But she loved him anyways and they often skipped class to see each other (naughty :o) They liked to sneak out to the lake and feed the giant squid bread crumbs and to dodge the whomping willow and sometimes when feeling courageous they would walk near the edge of the forest *holding hands all the while- it was real magic. The things they learned in classes (or didn't because they never went) was  only tricks compared to the magic they made (holding hands that is). Then they broke up. And got back together and got married in the Hogwarts Temple. But it wasn't real marriage because they were too young and they were arrested by the Ministry of Magic. Then they woke up and realized being arrested was just a dream. Then they woke up again and realized they never actually broke up nor did they get married. Then they realized they HAD gotten  married after a day, her name was Giselle and their life was a combination of different movies. 

So that was our first story. We wrote one other one the same day and this one we actually did the three word rule, well sorta. 

Once upon a time there was an elephant named Ophelia. She always tried new hairstyles when she was feeling down because she felt sassy. It was exciting when one day she wasn't feeling down and she licked herself. I was an odd witness to said odd, but pleasant occurrence occurance occurence? But I enjoyed it. Insanity runs in and grabs Ophelia. He takes her to a bar and buys her a drink. It was delicious and cherry filled. Sadly, she hadn't tried sipping drinks before without her trunk and the drink squirted out her nose/trunk. She was embarrassed because she wet her trunk (*tee hee*). Then Insanity got her a napkin, bit her brain, and she went insane. Everyday after she tried new hairstyles and didn't brush her hair, but she did get an afro on her chin. All the other elephants called her a man. But Insanity liked her chin afro. So they started dating. Until Benny came and told Ophelia she couldn't date Insanity  because he liked her. True loves kiss awakened Ophelia from her insanity and she married Benny at the Hogwarts temple. She saw Alicia and the half-blood prince there because they are magically righteous. Noggin! Duuude... What happened after that was they got ice cream together.  One marriage = whole snow cone. And they all lived happily together in a shoe box. The end? Amen. 

And this was just the beginning of some wonderful stories. 
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Musical obsession

If you know me (which you probably do if you are reading this), you know that I love musicals.
Seriously I think they are so perfect. 
I honestly wish my life could be a musical.
It would be the best to break out in song in the middle of the day and people don't look at you weird.
Not only do they not look at your weird, but they join you in a spontaneous choreographed dance!
Recently I have been watching some of my favorite musicals.
Including Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Oklahoma, Annie get your Gun, and Newsies.
I also have been listening to some Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, and Les Miserables.
I really just can't get enough.

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 The Phantom Of The Opera Movie - Joel Schumacher

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