Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Idaho, Mom, and Pioneers

On Friday Katie and I headed on up to Idaho to pick up Karlie.
Karlie just finished her first year of college!
She has grown up so fast.
Anyways, we drove up to Idaho and helped Karlie move out of her dorm then drove back to Utah.
We  met our mom in Salt Lake and went shopping at City Creek.
It was a very successful shopping spree. 
It was so fun to be with my mom and sisters! 
 If you don't live in Utah you probably didn't know that Tuesday was Pioneer Day!
We didn't have work so we celebrated with a new sandwich place, Which Wich, The Dark Knight Rises, some pioneer-esque activities like taffy pulling and shaking cream into butter, and we ended the day with sparklers. 
 It was really really hot.
Pioneer Day and gearing up for the Olympics!

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