Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As of late

I realize it's been a while since I last posted and I would like to say it's because I've been busy, but really it's because I'm lazy. Actually it might be because I've been reading the last Harry Potter book, so I've been casting spells and traveling all over England with Harry, Ron, and Hermione which prevents me from blogging, but I finished it today which means I am back and with this nice gloomy weather outside, it's the perfect day to catch up. Here are some of my recent thoughts:
  • Rain should be illegal in the summer
  • It is not always fun getting stuck in the pouring rain
  • Pinterest is a way cool website
  • Nik Day has some really great music and he's from Provo
  • Rodeos are super fun! but the whole bull riding is really scary...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Harry Potter Hullabaloo

It's official. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 here I come. I just purchased my ticket to the midnight premiere. Basically I am so excited!!! I just need to figure out what I am going to wear... I have been slightly obsessed with Harry Potter this past week. I've started reading the last book again, in preparation of course for the movie. I've read pretty much every article that I've come across that has even mentioned HP/any characters/actors. I went onto JK Rowling's new website you should check it out. Although I've seen the trailer about a million times, here it is for your viewing.
This is not for the light hearted.
oh and if anyone has any suggestions as to who I should dress up as, please let me know! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I know this cool guy, his name is Dad

Today is Father's Day and it's the first Father's Day that I don't get to be with my dad, but it's ok because no matter where I am in the world I know that my dad is the best there could ever be. I called my dad nice and early at 8:30/ 7:30 California time and wished my dad a happy father's day and then later this evening I skyped with him so he could show me his new presents. I got my dad THE COOLEST GIFT EVER! Seriously it is so cool. I got him a specialized tie with a picture of me and my siblings on it! Cool, right!? And the best part is that it was only $16 plus shipping!! Thank you Wal-Mart! I knew he would love it; it's exactly something that would fit perfectly in his wardrobe. I mean who wouldn't want a tie with a picture of the best kids ever? Well I'm glad my dad had a happy father's day and I wish I could have been there with him. He is the coolest (I know I might sound a bit repetitive) guy ever and I'm just glad he's my dad. I love you Daddy!!!
If you want to read more about my cool dad click here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Laser tag and strawberries

Last night was a great start to my weekend! Katie, Brooke, Lauren, Seth, and I all ventured out to Trafalga to play some laser quest. We have these cool passes called the passes of all passes that let us go to Seven Peaks water park and Trafalga. They look like this: (excuse the poor quality on my computer camera)
For those of you that do not live in Utah and don't know what Trafalga is, it is a "Fun Center" basically a  place that has laser tag, rock walls, mini golf (indoor and outdoor), go carts, water bumper cars, etc. If you're from Fresno, it's the equivalent of Boomers. We played 3 rounds of laser tag. At this laser tag you are separated into teams and we were the Golden Guard aka the yellow team and unlike the one back home where you get to choose your code name, here the vests are preassigned code names and my was appropriately named Princess (I'm telling you it's fate haha). Afterwards we took a short turn around the go cart track and then we made our way down to Pleasant Grove where Strawberry Days was going on. 
One thing I really love about being in Utah this summer is that they have all these cool fairs and carnivals going on. Now I realize that Fresno has The Big Fresno Fair every year, but the fairs here are so different. They have this small town feel to them, which I love! Although none of these cities would be considered really small they are definitely smaller than Fresno, so to me I feel like everyone knows each other and there is a closeness in the community that I have never felt before. Strawberry Days is known for the strawberries and cream, which was delicious! 

 Two final stories from last night. If you didn't already know this about me, I am terrified of roller coasters, and like rides. First, the picture above is of a scary ride that I would never go because 1. you are in a cage and 2. you are spinning upside down in said cage. That does not sound fun to me. Katie tried to tell me she would pay to go on it, but there is no way I was going to do it. Second story is of the picture on the left, which is of those little kiddie roller coaster dragon rides. Yes I am scared of this ride, but mostly because of a scary childhood memory because I think I could maybe go on it today and maybe even enjoy it, but you never know. I have a memory of going on one of these dragon rides as a young child. I remember being really nervous/excited to go on. I sit down and get strapped in, I am ready. Then the ride starts and I'm not sure I like it anymore; my stomach is in my throat and all I want to do is cry. Now before the ride started the guy running it told us that if we wanted to get off in the middle of it all we had to do was but our thumbs up in the air really high so he can stop it and let us off. Well remembering this I tried to put my thumbs up as high as I could, which wasn't very high because I didn't want to let go of the railing. So, to my disappointment the man didn't see my fearful face and my desperate attempt to get off the ride and I had to go around a few more times, until finally he saw me and let me off. Because of this experience I have forever hated roller coasters. People think I'm weird, but I don't care.
Other than reliving that one traumatic experience in my life, my evening was great! I spent it with people I love and doing things that are fun!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I can't pass up a perfect love song and really good chick flick

I have 2 obsessions right now.
First, the song You and I by Ingrid Michaelson. So good and I may have listened to it about 25 times today.
Second, is a movie that Katie suggested to me yesterday. It's called My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, which is a really lame title if you ask me, but regardless I still love it. It's on Netflix instant play right now and I've already watched it twice. I have fallen in love with it and I want everyone to watch it because it is fantastic!
I just watched the trailer again and I am still obsessed! Goodness I can't get enough of it! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The drive was worth it

So I'm back in Provo now and it's not that I don't love being here, it's just that my trip home was much too short. I had a lovely time home with my family and here are some pictures from the trip (I'm still not very good at taking pictures of everything I do, so there are only pictures from Karlie's graduation)
Congratulations Kar-Kar!
I love my siblings!
Brendan and Camden
We went out to dinner at my favorite chinese food place, Imperial Garden. Dad thought he would teach Ryen  how to be a walrus with chopsticks.
My parents are cute.

I just can't get over how cute she is!
Oh and this boy turned 16!
Now it's back to life in Provo, luckily I came back to sunny skies and no snow in sight! Hurray for summer!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Safely home, even with all the cops roaming around

I finally made it home!!! After a long drive filled with music, chatting, and yes, my awesome reading skills I have arrived back in the 559 area code. Katie and I always have the best time together in the small confines of a car for extended periods of time. On this particular road trip there are some notable things that I would like to mention.

  1. On the part that I drove during the trip (St. George to Bakersfield) I mastered the cruise control. When I say this I don't just mean I used it, but I mean that I only touched the pedals maybe 10 times because I am awesome.
  2. I ate a Mcchicken and it wasn't a spicy one!!! For some odd reason Provo thought it was a good idea to only have spicy Mcchickens at their Mcdonalds and so when we entered Bakersfield that is the first thing we got. YUM!
  3. Katie and I played the Guess that Song game for a couple hours and I  was pretty good at it! You know the game when you are only given a couple notes at the beginning and you have to guess what song it is, yep we played that for probably 5 hours or so. I think Katie was pretty impressed by my awesome song guessing skills. 
  4. I finished the book I was reading! It's called To Catch A Pirate and although it was a really easy read and the story/characters weren't developed very well I spiced things up when I read out loud for Katie. Katie likes it when I read out loud because I will occasionally do funny voices and I always put emotion/show the punctuation when I read.
  5. Last but not least is that Katie and counted 28, yes that's right 28, of these bad boys:
         Yeah that is a lot to see in a 12 hour period; we were very surprised. We think there was a convict on the run or something and although I say this nonchalantly I'm being completely serious. Outside of Bakersfield they had a vineyard completely surrounded with their guns out and there was even a helicopter. It was slightly cool, but I was a little scared at the same time.
Well friends that is all for today. I have made it home safely and now I am off to spend some time with my great family and some super friends.
So apparently the  event we witnessed was a robbery and high speed chase. Luckily the guy was caught and the police win again! He was responsible for 2 other robberies this past month, so I'm glad they were able to catch him. Another points for the good guys!
You can also check out more about my trip home on my sister, Katie's blog 

Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Coming Home!

Do you know my very favorite place on the whole entire earth?? You may think it's Disneyland, which is a very close second, but it's actually my home. I love being at home with my family, there is nothing I like more than that. With this in mind, you have to know how excited I am because in 24 hours from this very moment I will be making the 11.5 hour drive with my lovely sister, Katie, to our beloved home in Fresno, California. I can't wait to be wrapped in the arms of my mother and father and of course my sweet sister, Karlie and my cute, not so little anymore, brother, Brendan. Although I will only be home for a few days , I will make every moment last. I love my family. They make me so happy.
The reason I'm going home is because this beautiful girl is graduating from High School!
Also it happens to be the cutest boy's birthday! He's turning 16, which means he can date and that really scares me!
I'm so excited to see them!
Man, I love my family. And that is all.