Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Listen up T- Swift

Sometimes I have a very vivid imagination.
Especially when it comes to great imagery in a song.
You know who has great imagery? That would be Taylor Swift. 
Don't tell me you've never closed your eyes and envisioned one of her songs as a music video before.
(oh that's just me? Well this is awkward...)
Anyways...I'm sure you've heard of her song "Speak Now."
If you haven't shame on you.
Repent and listen here:
Speak Now by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark
Wouldn't this song be the perfect music video!?
Honestly I don't know why Taylor Swift hasn't made a music video for this song.
Well I've been thinking I really should let Taylor Swift and everyone else know what I think this music video should be like.
I decided a letter to my dear friend, Taylor Swift is in order.

Dear Taylor,
I just want to let you know that I think you are the coolest girl ever. You have songs that speak to my soul and apparently to every other girl in the world too. I have been thinking that it's about time you really, REALLY should make a music video for your song "Speak Now." I'm not exactly sure why you haven't made a music video for this song yet because it would be the cutest video. In case you don't know exactly what you should do for your music video I have thought long and hard about this. I will gladly give you some great ideas in exchange for letting me be in the music video. Pretty pretty please! So I will just give you a step by step of what I think your Speak Now video should look like. 
Pan onto a typical, cookie cutter wedding at a church with you, Taylor, singing outside. Then you sneak in to a side door and sheepishly wave at his friends like this:
Show the bride's family, of course dressed in pastels, and they have to look snooty, something akin to this:
But in pastel.
Next pan into a back room that shows the bride wearing a BIG, poofy dress shaped like a pastry, yelling at a poor bridesmaid, tears are not necessary, but if you want added effect that would definitely work. Then show Taylor singing in the back corner of the church trying to go unnoticed. When you say daydream you need to look like this:
and then you will have it kind of bubble into a daydream. In the daydream Taylor will burst into the doors and sing the chorus at the doors. Then in the short music break show people in the church getting ready for the wedding. Then show the organist, looking daunting and intense because he's playing a song that sounds like a death march. Show Taylor hiding behind the curtain singing her little heart out. Bride begins walking down the aisle and she looks something like this:
Go back to Taylor behind the curtains. Then go back to the daydream for the chorus. Show the bride walking slow motion down the aisle. Then have a series of shots between the bride, the groom, and Taylor. Then show the preacher and show his mouth as she sings the words, "speak now or forever hold your peace" Then silence and no one moves. Show Taylor stand up from behind the curtain and when she says "eyes on me" do a zoom in on each word until it's a close up of Taylor. On the part where it says horrified looks well it would something like this: 
or maybe something like this:
Both are appropriate. Then show Taylor looking at the groom and the groom looking at Taylor. Then it will show Taylor singing (not in the church) you know like in a field or a glade with trees or something like that. While she is singing it will go back to the wedding scene and it will show the groom smiling at Taylor and then it pans to the front of the church with Taylor waiting. The groom will come out not wearing his tux, but everyday clothes. He'll grab Taylor's hand and they will run down the steps to the get away car. The music video will end with them either smiling happily at each other in the car or maybe them gently kissing, although now thinking about it I don't know if that would be right considering he just walked out on his wedding to another girl. So I'm thinking the smiling would be better. 
Well I guess that's all of it. Sorry for the long winded letter. Hopefully you enjoyed it and maybe you'll incorporate some of my ideas into your video when you do make it. 
Love, your adoring fan,


  1. I agree with the vivid imagery with Taylor Swift songs, this one in particular. In fact, this song inspired an idea for an entire novel. (warning a bit of self-promotion forthcoming) Here's a link to the little excerpt of what I've written thus far: http://allisonmryan.blogspot.com/2011/12/speak-now.html

    And I can totally see her doing a video like this =)

  2. Love it, love it, love it! Kelsie you are so funny. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post (and looking at your pictures).


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