Thursday, January 12, 2012

I need your help

This semester I'm taking a basics to entrepreneurship class.
In this class we are divided into groups and we have to create a small business.
Half of my grade depends on my group making $1500.
Yeah, $1500!!! 
That seems like a lot of money...
Well, I am coming to you to see if any of you have ideas for a small business.
It has to be something that doesn't cost too much to make, but that we could make a fairly large profit on.
So far the ideas we have thought of are baby blankets/pillows/aprons (something with sewing, you might have guessed that this was my idea...) or we also thought maybe doing iphone covers.
Just comment below with anything you think would be a good business! 
Any ideas are much appreciated!


  1. Oh gurrl, you know I gots ideas! Hit me up and we can discuss.

  2. A personalization business comes to mind. On ebay I've purchased a blanket with may name stitched in it, and had things made for my nephew with his name. You could also make address labels for people, those sell a lot on ebay. You could put people's name or whatever they want to personalize it with (photos, etc) on just about anything. You could have a variety of items that you sell with personalization, which would make it easier to get more sales.


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