Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas time

Things I love about Christmas time:
  1. Being home
  2. Being with my family
  3. Baking with Mom
  4. Eating those treats we made
  5. Christmas shopping
  6. Wrapping presents
  7. Caroling
  8. Listening to Christmas music
  9. Watching some of my favorite movies
  10. Cuddling with my family
  11. Rolling the windows down in the car because it is so beautiful outside
  12. Skyping with friends that are half way around the world
  13. Playing with my dog
  14. Being a secret Santa to some special kids
  15. Looking at all of the Christmas lights in the neighborhood
I love Christmas time. :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

The journey home

So yesterday I made the journey home.
I flew home and that is not something I usually do, so it was a pretty big deal.
The day before I was talking on the phone with my mom getting all of the flight details and we talked about how my flight was at 3pm. 
I had arranged with my dear friend, Kelly to drive  me to the airport at 1.
I was packing that morning, not in any hurry because I didn't have to leave for a while, right?
Well little did I know that my flight actually left at 1:30pm and was supposed to arrive at 3pm...
I look at my ticket at noon, realize my mistake.

Begin freaking out.

Worst feeling of my life.

I began to urgently call everyone I knew with a car.
Miracles of miracles I have the best home teachers in the world.
Seriously, those boys are AMAZING!
Scott drives me to the airport and I get there at 1:15pm.
Run to the security check and luckily there was no line and I was wearing my slip on shoes, but it still took a while to get through.
Run to the gate at 1:25pm. 
Talk to the woman at the desk and she says it's too late.
Begin teary eyes and worried phone calls to parents. 
Woman says I can get on standby for the next flight at 5pm and connecting flight in Phoenix at 9pm.
Still worried and frustrated for my stupid mistake, I begin to pray.
Continuing praying for 3 hours.
Finally able to get on to the 5pm flight 15 minutes before it leaves.
Let relief set in.


I realize I'm sitting next to the emergency exit.
Everyone around me is telling me what a good seat I got and all I can think about is the TV show LOST.
I keep thinking, "Oh my goodness, what if we crash and I have to be the one to open the emergency exit! Then what if we land on a desert island that has monsters on it! What if I have to fend for myself, I won't last a week!" 
So, basically I was freaking out again, which was completely irrational because it's not like we were going to be passing over any water from Salt Lake to Phoenix.
That is until we took off and then I was pretty much ok.
Then all I could see was a blanket of clouds and the tips of mountains. 

I arrived in Phoenix unscathed and completely fine.
From there I was able to get on the flight to Fresno.
I arrived in Fresno at 9:50pm, only 3 hours and 20 minutes behind my original schedule.

I'm just glad I made it home.
I guess you can tell I don't fly very often from my experience and I guess this is why I prefer to road trip every where. 
I hope everyone else is able to get to their homes a lot easier than I was!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


 I tried to find a song with the word freedom in it, but I just simply couldn't find one good enough. 
Instead I found this:
This is golden.
I feel like the pop tart as soon as he is released.

Tomorrow at this time I will be at home.
Mmm lovely. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm lame during finals

What did I do today?
Let me tell you:
1. Woke up bright and early at 7:24 for my 8am final.
2. Got ready really fast, which included a hat because I didn't want to do my hair.
3. Rushed to class with my obnoxious poster trying to not let my pictures/letters come off.
4. Make it to class, ask if anyone has a glue stick, creepy guy in front that always wears a leather jacket does and I borrow it from him to fix my poster.
5. Sit in class. Present my poster. Sit in class.
6. Get breakfast with Sian-Amy.
7. Spill hot chocolate on my pants (yes it really did hurt). 
8. Go to work with Sian-Amy.
9. Study at work  Go on Pinterest and read blogs at work.
10. Go home. Eat leftover chili that Katie made yesterday.
11. Study. Fall asleep. Study. Fall asleep. Study. Fall asleep.
12. Study break. 
13. Go to FHE aka eat free pizza from the bishopric! woo!
14. Study some more
15. Take New Testament test and rock it!
16. Take out trash.
17. Shower and sing my heart out, recent favorites: All I want for Christmas is You, O Holy Night, and The First Noel
18. Say I'm going to study and then somehow end up writing a blog post.

So basically that's my day. I'm lame, but whatever. I'm going to be home in 3 days!!! I might have 3 more tests too, but all is well because really I'm feeling pretty good about my classes this year. 

Hope your Monday was as eventful as mine!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

For your enjoyment

This is cool.
Thank you Ryan for putting this on your Pinterest that I might view it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 things that distract me from finals

So it's been a while, I know. 
I've been busy with school and finals and stuff.
Just so everyone knows, I'll be back home in exactly ONE WEEK!!! 
All I have left to do is get through finals and I'm home free!
Here is a list of things that distract me from finals!
  1. Watching Little Women with Brooke and Katie
  2. Watching Anne of Green Gables (first and second) with Brooke and Katie
  3. Looking at vintage clothes online
  4. Thinking of things I want to get for my family for Christmas
  5. Seeing The Help again, but this time at the not-so-dollar-anymore-dollar theater
  7. Thinking of doing the crafts and projects I find on pinterest, but have yet to find the time (could be my own laziness?)
  8. Did I ever mention that I like to make paper snowflakes?
  9. Watching this and this
  10. Looking at pictures of cute puppies
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowflake obsession

This week I have found a new hobby/talent/obsession. 

You guessed it: paper snowflakes.

Thanks to Clarissa for showing me how to fold the paper.
(who knew you folded it in thirds at the end?!)

Thanks to Brooke for staying up with me to make even more snowflakes.

Thanks to Pinterest and Google for giving me patterns to follow.

Yep I love making paper snowflakes. 

It's my favorite kind of snow and considering we don't have any snow right now it makes it feel more like Christmas time in Provo.

 Brooke, Katie and I 

26 snowflakes and counting. Maybe I'll make some more....