Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 things that distract me from finals

So it's been a while, I know. 
I've been busy with school and finals and stuff.
Just so everyone knows, I'll be back home in exactly ONE WEEK!!! 
All I have left to do is get through finals and I'm home free!
Here is a list of things that distract me from finals!
  1. Watching Little Women with Brooke and Katie
  2. Watching Anne of Green Gables (first and second) with Brooke and Katie
  3. Looking at vintage clothes online
  4. Thinking of things I want to get for my family for Christmas
  5. Seeing The Help again, but this time at the not-so-dollar-anymore-dollar theater
  7. Thinking of doing the crafts and projects I find on pinterest, but have yet to find the time (could be my own laziness?)
  8. Did I ever mention that I like to make paper snowflakes?
  9. Watching this and this
  10. Looking at pictures of cute puppies
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