Monday, October 10, 2011

10 things I really love right at this moment

  1. Katie got the A&E Pride and Prejudice!
  2. Watching said Pride and Prejudice with Katie and Brooke
  3. Not having any homework due tomorrow
  4. Thinking of Harry Potter costumes for our party next week
  5. Having my favorites clothes to wear tomorrow because I finally did my laundry
  6. Signing up for all kinds of free food for our birthdays with Brooke(making us late for FHE)
  7. Brooke's scentsy scent 
  8. Getting half of the crossword puzzle done today!
  9. Eating a Reese's pumpkin 
  10. This picture of llamas:


  1. That llama picture never gets old! I'm still laughing. Also, I feel really special that I got mentioned 3 whole times in one post.

  2. woot woot for #5! Hope you washed your pencil skirt :]

  3. Eating a Reese's pumpkin. Holler. :D


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