Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday sister dearest!

I guess this is the week of birthdays because today is my sister, Katie's birthday!!! It has already started as a fantastic day! Chocolate chip pumpkin waffles and streamers from the lovely Brooke! A surprise might be coming her way later (I don't want to say anything too revealing just in case she reads my blog before the surprise actually happens) and then CPK for dinner (which seems to be turning into tradition for Katie's birthday). Oh and later Chuck season premiere! Oh yeah it's going to be a great day! 
Anyways, here are some things that I love about Katie:
  1. she is my sister and my best friend
  2. she feeds me when I am poor
  3. she lets me snuggle with her (occasionally)
  4. sometimes we pretend to be in Pride and Prejudice and we will talk under the covers of one of our beds
  5. she has a great sense of style and she lets me borrow her clothes
  6. we go down the Barbie aisle at Target and ogle at all the cool toys together
  7. she knows interesting HP facts
  8. she is a great example to me
  9. she has inherited mom's ability to do crossword puzzles and I am always impressed when she finishes one
  10. I love that she loves me and I love her
I don't know what I would do without Katie. I love her to pieces. 
Happy Birthday Katie!

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