About Me

My name is Kelsie. 
I am a student at BYU in good, ole Provo, Utah.
I am studying Home and Family Living.
Although many people may think this major might be otherwise called an MRS. degree, you are sorely mistaken because I am single and that is not the reason I chose the major.
I love to sew.
It is one of my favorite things. 
I also love to sing.
I may have a secret ambition to be a Broadway star/Disney princess (or maybe not so secretly).
I grew up in Fresno, California.
It's really hot there and our winters consist of fog.
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I love the gospel and want to share it with everyone.
This blog is about me.
The adventures I go on, the projects I undertake, my style, my hopes and dreams, my sorrows, my thoughts, and anything else I feel like putting on here. 
You can follow my journey if you want, it is sure to be an adventure. 
I may not live the most glamorous life, but I think it's a fairy tale and I simply love it.

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