Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finals week

Today was the first reading day before finals and what did I do?
Just spent 8 hours, yes that's right I said 8 hours, in the sewing lab.
Even though it felt like forever, it was worth it because I finished my blazer!
Then I came home and watched a couple hours of Bones.
And ate some more Easter candy (this seems to be most of the food I am eating lately).
So obviously today was an extremely productive day.
Tomorrow I will be better.
Work and study. That is all I'll do tomorrow.
Only 4 finals. I can do this.
Then spring term starts the next week...and I'm taking 9 credits...but I got this!
Excuse me if I'm crazy for the next couple of months.

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  1. Oh man good luck with the rest of your finals! And I hope you have a good spring term!


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