Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring has sprung

Spring term has started.
I'm taking 8 credits, but it really shouldn't be too bad. 
I'm taking some fun classes like tailoring and swimwear/knitwear.
I'm also taking one that won't be so fun, organizational behavior...
What does that even mean?
I guess I'll find out.
I might have had a mini freak out right now at work because I realized that I only have 24 credits plus an internship or capstone left until I graduate!
Can you believe that! 
If I take 15 credits in the fall that means I only have 9 credits and my capstone left for the winter!
I can barely get over it. 
I'm going to graduate from college!
I am really excited about this, really I am.
Although I am worried. 
What am I going to do after I graduate?
Where will I live?
One of my biggest goals in life, other than getting married and having a family, is graduating from BYU.
Now that that goal is coming to a close I feel like I don't have anything really to work toward.
I kind of feel like Rapunzel in Tangled after she sees the lights on her birthday, except that I don't have a Flynn Rider waiting for me yet to be my next dream.
Sorry for sounding so depressing...
Maybe I just need some realistic ideas of what I want to do when I graduate.
Help me out here!
Seriously though, I'm not kidding.

In other news, I cut my hair!
I love it! So perfect for the summer!


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