Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Procrastination at its best

So I am officially done with finals!
I have to admit though, this is probably one of my most impressive procrastination moments.
Every time I would think about starting to study for finals I would  miraculously find something else to do.
This whole weekend I have simply been trying to convince myself to study.
But instead I found some other interesting things to do, such as:
  • eat all of my Easter candy for every meal
  • restart watching LOST* 
  • watch Ellen clips
  • paint my nails**
  • sign up for Pottermore***
  • thought about cleaning my room****
  • reorganize my entire "things i want in my wardrobe" board on Pinterest*****
I'll stop there.
But I feel really accomplished so it's ok, right?

*it has been a year since I first watched LOST and I guess I thought it was time for a reunion?
**the only reason I painted my nails was because the internet was down and let me tell you finals week is the WORST time to have your internet down, but at least I painted my nails
***I might have read the entire first book in one sitting. Was it worth it? Yes, yes it was. You should sign up too! You will not regret it! Then add me as a friend! My username is LeviosaGold10965. So what if I might want to make that my nickname, don't judge. Also I was put into Hufflepuff house, slight disappointment, but I'm not going to lie, I totally expected it. All I can think of is a potential meme with a saying that says "I'm so happy I got into the Hufflepuff house! Said no one ever. 
****key word THOUGHT haha this did not happen
*****this was an amazing feat! You have to understand that I have had my pinterest now for almost a year and when I first got it all I did was pin clothes and so there were over a thousand pins on that board and I really just need to clean it out. 

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  1. I added you on Pottermore :) I'm KnightDragon10014


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