Monday, July 30, 2012

Weddings and Olympics

Last Thursday I went to a couple of weddings for 2 of the best girls I know.
I worked with Megan and Melinda in the box office and they have become some of my best friends.
Megan and Melinda were also roommates this past year and I guess they liked each other so much they decided to have their weddings on the same day! :) 
So I did a little bit of wedding hopping on Thursday.
Congratulations to Megan and Alex AND Melinda and Tim!

Then last Friday, as I'm sure most of you already know, the Olympics started!
To kick start our celebration we had some friends come over to watch the opening ceremonies.
Yay for self-timer!
Also speaking of the Olympics, have you seen this?
You're welcome.

Just a whole lot of happiness going on in these parts.
And if life couldn't get any better I'm leaving for FLORIDA TOMORROW!!!!
Please excuse me as I spend some time with my family, Mickey Mouse, and Harry Potter.
See you in a week!

Also it's Harry Potter's birthday tomorrow!!!
Happy Birthday Harry!!!


  1. i'm confused....they bought the same dress too??? its super pretty though.

    1. extremely similar, but not the same haha I guess great minds think a like

  2. Looks like the Blogcation is back on. Daddy


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