Thursday, July 19, 2012

Story Friday

Story Friday
Kelsie=pink, Brooke=blue, Alicia=green
Once upon a time in a dark, dark forest there lived a witch that was very beautiful. She wasn't a wicked witch, but a wickedly awesome witch. Sometimes she would frolic through the forest with the bunnies and deer. And if she was lucky the bees would talk to her. Then one day everything changed. The nameless witch found a tomb of the famous king of the Narwhals! His name was King TwinkleToes. Actually, King Twinkletooth (because of his one long tooth). The witch (whose name is Cornelia) read his [the king's] history and learned that he was actually related to her great aunt! Her great aunt Bertha had married a half-Narwhal, half-wizard named Ivan. Cornelia was so excited to find that she was related to royalty! Even if interspecies relationships are frowned upon among the wizarding world (Ch 12; paragraph 4, section F). After this marvelous revelation she decided to travel to the North Pole to find her distant narwhal relatives (and perhaps a husband). Tales of a half-Narwhal, half-human prince circulated around the world and it reached the new king of the narwhals, King Sabertoothhead. His jealous rage caused a war. Cornelia arrived at the North Pole in search of the prince. Instead, she found everyone dead. Cornelia decided to skip marrying a prince and crowned herself Queen, wife to King Sabertoothhead. Well, widow actually, but she recovered quickly from her loss. With no narwhals to rule, Cornelia decided to inhabit the land with bees, but all froze in the cold climate. Good riddance! Her mildly incestuous marriage was questioned by other nations. She divorced her late husband in order to go on a quest to find the rumored prince of bees. She found him in the Valley of Honey, but he was in love with Buzzelia, a beautiful honeybee. The not so wickedly awesome, gold-digging Cornelia decided she was not meant for royalty. She flew, dejectedly, back to the dark, dark forest. And there she found him. The elf prince named Orlandolus. They moved out of the dark, dark forest to a cheerful tree in a glen. They defrosted their pet bees and feasted on glorious honey. Their marriage was a joyous one and they had many elf-witch children. The bees and children got along marvelously and they often frolicked together. Then suddenly a plague struck the glen! All the bees died and the children mourned their loss. Then, they discovered penicillin! The bees were revived! Everyone was overjoyed. Except the bees, who were a little groggy; they were really sleepy. But eventually perked back up. And all was well for the rest of forever. They hoped to die THEEEERE. They had a huge party and all died there. The end. Fin. They continued the party in heaven and all lived happily forever after. No end because it's heaven. Thus the forever after. 

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