Friday, July 27, 2012

Story Friday

I actually wasn't able to go to institute this week, but luckily for you I have plenty of stories that I haven't put on my blog yet. This story also happens to be one of our favorites. To better understand this story these videos might help. Don't judge us because we like to watch cat videos sometimes.

Kelsie=pink, Alicia=green, Andrew=orange, and Brooke=blue.
The Great Catsby's PARTIES were better than all of Bilbo's cat's parties. The cat years were a wonderful time. Cats from the shire came in their PANTIES to show they had the best panties around. Then they fell off and nudists they became. Bilbo was a bit ashamed. He felt betrayed to associate with cats at all. He decided to suit up and destroy all cats. Suddenly one of his panties ripped. Smeagol! Bilbo waddled away feeling embarassed. Smeagol had accomplished his life's goal. Pantsing the hobbitses! Catsby wanted to liven the party up, so he pantied up and stylishly arrived at Mordor. Quick journey. His leopard-print panties wiggled-wiggled into Mordor and danced the well-known Irish jig. Smeagol was angered and bit Bilbo's butt. Bilbo screamed relatively loudly. The other hobbits rode Catsby to a secret place known to all great cats- Mewsengard. The Cat-eye Sauron saw it all. Nudity was abounding in cat world, displeasurable to no-one. Everyone loved it. Bilbo called his fashion adviser for panties like Catsby's. His jealousy of said panties was overtaking him. He wanted his preecioooouuuussss panties right now! Destination: Catsby's home. He arrived there just in time to snatch the desired prize. Fashion magazines everywhere interviewed the new holder of the leopard-print attire. Bilbo finally became popular! Catsby shot him. Catsby's rage subsided when Bilbo was buried. But his panties were forever soiled so he threw really strong soap into the washer without the panties! :( They were soiled, but determined Catsby scrubbed them vigorously. Viola! His precious panties were saved! Several (of the hobbits) were happy.  

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