Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Like Father Like Daughter

Although Father's Day is next month and I'll probably just do another post about my dad, I just feel like talking about the coolest dad ever. This evening I called my home and I talked to my dad. He is the best. He has a way of always getting a smile on my face. When I was little I cried all of the time, seriously all the time, just ask my mom, but one way to make me stop crying was to have my dad hold me and then i would cry on his shoulder. As soon as a tear would hit his shirt he would tell me to stop getting tickle tears on him and start laughing hysterically. Well of course this only makes me want to get more tears on him and all of sudden we would both be laughing together and I would forget what I was crying about. This technique still happens to work for me whenever I am crying.
Me and my wonderful dad

I don't know what it is about being a father, but I think they have a gene that makes them be cheesy. My dad is the cheesiest man on earth. I love that about him. I don't care what anyone says, but I think that cheesy humor is the most attractive thing ever. There are some phrases that my dad says and has always said ever since I can remember. He tells me that he got them from his dad and I want to continue the tradition of these cheesy sayings. In fact I do. I use the same sayings as my dad all the time. Some of his sayings that I LOVE are:

  • "Can't take you anywhere"
  • "Scares me and I'm fearless"
  • Someone says I feel stupid and you go up to them, touch them and say "Yep, you do"
  • "Let's make like a baby and head out" (yeah I didn't get this one until I was like 16 years old)
  • "Pull my finger" (one of his personal favorites)
There are a ton more, but I can't think of them on the spot, usually they just come out in a conversation. My dad is great, well the best actually. So as I sit here watching the Tinkerbell movie on the Disney Channel, I just want everyone to know that dad's are super, but especially my dad. I love him and I am so grateful to have him be my dad. He helped create my fairytale life. I would not choose to have anyone else be my dad and I hope one day to marry someone just like him.
I love you Daddy!

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  1. What a sweet memories! Your dad is one cheesy man. He is one of a kind,,,pretty awesome friend of ours. You are one lucky girl


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