Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's beginning to (sorta) feel like SUMMER!

 OK so maybe not exactly summer yet because when I look out my window I still only see dreariness, but I'm finally starting to actually do something in the evenings! Maybe it's just this weekend, but hopefully the fun will continue despite the unwelcoming weather. 
This past week I went and saw The Diary of Anne Frank which is playing in the Pardoe Theater in the HFAC. The benefits of working in the ticket office is that you get cool perks like free tickets to dress rehearsals of plays that are showing. So I went and I thought it was really good! I mean don't get me wrong it was really sad, but luckily I wasn't weeping, in fact I didn't even tear up, maybe this means I'm insensitive, but I think that it just made me really somber. Anne Frank wasn't a feel good play, but I definitely enjoyed and it really made me think of the horrors of the holocaust. So if you are in Provo, I would suggest you go see it! You can come visit me in the HFAC ticket office to buy tickets from 10-4pm everyday, excluding weekends. 
Then last night, Katie picked me up from work and we went to get the new Rolo Mcflurry from Mcdonald's. Let me tell you it was AMAZING! Chocolate + caramel = best creation ever! Then my lovely roommate, Kelsey invited me to go to a bonfire and it was very fun! The smoke from the fire was especially bad last night, and even after washing my clothes once they still smelled so I washed them again and my hair still smells slightly of smoke, even after washing it, so gross. Regardless of the stinky smoke I still had a fun time and here are some photos that I stole from Kelsey's facebook.
Roommates! Kelsie and Kelsey



It was a fun night.

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