Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Coming Home!

Do you know my very favorite place on the whole entire earth?? You may think it's Disneyland, which is a very close second, but it's actually my home. I love being at home with my family, there is nothing I like more than that. With this in mind, you have to know how excited I am because in 24 hours from this very moment I will be making the 11.5 hour drive with my lovely sister, Katie, to our beloved home in Fresno, California. I can't wait to be wrapped in the arms of my mother and father and of course my sweet sister, Karlie and my cute, not so little anymore, brother, Brendan. Although I will only be home for a few days , I will make every moment last. I love my family. They make me so happy.
The reason I'm going home is because this beautiful girl is graduating from High School!
Also it happens to be the cutest boy's birthday! He's turning 16, which means he can date and that really scares me!
I'm so excited to see them!
Man, I love my family. And that is all.

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