Saturday, June 18, 2011

Laser tag and strawberries

Last night was a great start to my weekend! Katie, Brooke, Lauren, Seth, and I all ventured out to Trafalga to play some laser quest. We have these cool passes called the passes of all passes that let us go to Seven Peaks water park and Trafalga. They look like this: (excuse the poor quality on my computer camera)
For those of you that do not live in Utah and don't know what Trafalga is, it is a "Fun Center" basically a  place that has laser tag, rock walls, mini golf (indoor and outdoor), go carts, water bumper cars, etc. If you're from Fresno, it's the equivalent of Boomers. We played 3 rounds of laser tag. At this laser tag you are separated into teams and we were the Golden Guard aka the yellow team and unlike the one back home where you get to choose your code name, here the vests are preassigned code names and my was appropriately named Princess (I'm telling you it's fate haha). Afterwards we took a short turn around the go cart track and then we made our way down to Pleasant Grove where Strawberry Days was going on. 
One thing I really love about being in Utah this summer is that they have all these cool fairs and carnivals going on. Now I realize that Fresno has The Big Fresno Fair every year, but the fairs here are so different. They have this small town feel to them, which I love! Although none of these cities would be considered really small they are definitely smaller than Fresno, so to me I feel like everyone knows each other and there is a closeness in the community that I have never felt before. Strawberry Days is known for the strawberries and cream, which was delicious! 

 Two final stories from last night. If you didn't already know this about me, I am terrified of roller coasters, and like rides. First, the picture above is of a scary ride that I would never go because 1. you are in a cage and 2. you are spinning upside down in said cage. That does not sound fun to me. Katie tried to tell me she would pay to go on it, but there is no way I was going to do it. Second story is of the picture on the left, which is of those little kiddie roller coaster dragon rides. Yes I am scared of this ride, but mostly because of a scary childhood memory because I think I could maybe go on it today and maybe even enjoy it, but you never know. I have a memory of going on one of these dragon rides as a young child. I remember being really nervous/excited to go on. I sit down and get strapped in, I am ready. Then the ride starts and I'm not sure I like it anymore; my stomach is in my throat and all I want to do is cry. Now before the ride started the guy running it told us that if we wanted to get off in the middle of it all we had to do was but our thumbs up in the air really high so he can stop it and let us off. Well remembering this I tried to put my thumbs up as high as I could, which wasn't very high because I didn't want to let go of the railing. So, to my disappointment the man didn't see my fearful face and my desperate attempt to get off the ride and I had to go around a few more times, until finally he saw me and let me off. Because of this experience I have forever hated roller coasters. People think I'm weird, but I don't care.
Other than reliving that one traumatic experience in my life, my evening was great! I spent it with people I love and doing things that are fun!

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