Friday, October 7, 2011

It's cold and all I want is my snuggie

So I guess the weather decided to go straight from summer to winter. Today it has been rainy and gloomy all day. Sometimes I try to be optimistic about days like this, but days like this are when I realize how much the weather really effects my mood. Although today was great, really it was! I got to hang out with my friends and my sisters and one of my classes was cancelled, so really that constitutes for a good day! Now that I'm home though I really just want to snuggle up in my snuggie and either a) watch a movie or b) read a really good book. Doesn't that just sound fantastic? I already had soup (ok well it was actually Top Ramen, but hey that's soup-esque right? and come on, I'm a college student, give me a break!) and now I feel like I need to get a cup of hot chocolate to warm me up again. I hope you are all having a lovely Friday night. Mine is going to be spent like this:

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