Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm lame during finals

What did I do today?
Let me tell you:
1. Woke up bright and early at 7:24 for my 8am final.
2. Got ready really fast, which included a hat because I didn't want to do my hair.
3. Rushed to class with my obnoxious poster trying to not let my pictures/letters come off.
4. Make it to class, ask if anyone has a glue stick, creepy guy in front that always wears a leather jacket does and I borrow it from him to fix my poster.
5. Sit in class. Present my poster. Sit in class.
6. Get breakfast with Sian-Amy.
7. Spill hot chocolate on my pants (yes it really did hurt). 
8. Go to work with Sian-Amy.
9. Study at work  Go on Pinterest and read blogs at work.
10. Go home. Eat leftover chili that Katie made yesterday.
11. Study. Fall asleep. Study. Fall asleep. Study. Fall asleep.
12. Study break. 
13. Go to FHE aka eat free pizza from the bishopric! woo!
14. Study some more
15. Take New Testament test and rock it!
16. Take out trash.
17. Shower and sing my heart out, recent favorites: All I want for Christmas is You, O Holy Night, and The First Noel
18. Say I'm going to study and then somehow end up writing a blog post.

So basically that's my day. I'm lame, but whatever. I'm going to be home in 3 days!!! I might have 3 more tests too, but all is well because really I'm feeling pretty good about my classes this year. 

Hope your Monday was as eventful as mine!

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