Friday, January 13, 2012


Things I like about winter:
  1. snow falling = magic
  2. wearing boots
  3. wearing fun socks
  4. wearing tights
  5. wearing hats
  6. wearing sweaters
  7. hot chocolate
  8. staying in to watch movies
  9. Making paper snowflakes
  10. the twinkling lights at the Riverwoods
That was really hard and considering most of them were things I wear it's kind of pathetic.

Things I dislike about winter:
  1. getting up in the morning when it's still dark and cold
  2. sitting on a cold toilet seat
  3. static hair
  4. getting out of the warm shower to freeze in the cold air
  5. walking on ice/slush
  6. cold toes
  7. cold kitchen floors
  8. when the "heat" is on but it still feels like it's cold when you sit under the vent
  9. walking home in the dark even though it's only 6pm
  10. bundling up a ton to walk to school and then walking inside and it feels like you walked into a Hades domain
That was significantly easier.
Not that I don't like winter sometimes, there is just things that I really don't like about winter.

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