Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Final Countdown!

I heard this song while I was at the sewing lab tonight and it made me remember that I only have 20 days until Thanksgiving break!!! I know I talked about it yesterday, but I thought I might as well continue the countdown when I write on my blog. 

Well there isn't really anything that exciting that has happened since yesterday, except that I am working on a men's dress shirt for my class and it is starting to look really good! I'm really excited about it. I'll make sure to do a post about all my sewing projects at the end of the semester. 

Also I came home to a sick sister. Katie came home from work early not feeling well. As I walked home from school I put on my Nurse Kelsie hat and got her Dayquil and Nyquil and now she is sleeping (hopefully) soundly for the night. Hopefully a good night's rest will make her feel better tomorrow. 

Anyway, the only other thing that is going on right now is that I am going to see The Elephant Man tomorrow at 7:30 and I need someone to go with me. If anyone is in Provo and they feels like being artsy with me let me know and you can come with me! 

In other good news, my friend, Briggs just got his mission call to Taiwan!!! I am so excited for him to go on his mission. He will be such a wonderful missionary and the people of Taiwan are lucky to have him. Congratulations Briggs!

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  1. You're awesome!!! Have fun at elephant man! :D


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