Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Brooke!!!

So I have this wonderful roommate and her name is Brooke! Today is her birthday and she is turning 22!!! I just love Brooke. I mean really I can't think of a bad thing about her and she is just an absolute joy to have as a friend.

Here are some things that I love about Brooke:

  1. she has beautiful curly brown hair 
  2. she is very clean and always empties the dishwasher 
  3. she ALWAYS dresses really cute (inspiration: Kate Middleton)
  4. she laughs at my jokes even if they aren't really that funny
  5. she also enjoys my impromptu dinner and a show pretty much every night
  6. she writes in her journal every night
  7. she is such a good example and I find myself trying to be more like her everyday
  8. she has a smile that lights up a room as soon as she enters
  9. she eats her fruits and vegetables regularly (unlike me...)
  10. she is the best roommate and friend anyone could ever ask for and I just want her to know that I love every moment we spend together 

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  1. Thanks Kelsie! I love you too! This made my day. I am so happy that we get to be roommates because you make me so happy and I love being with you. P.S.- What are you talking about? Your jokes are always funny.


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