Monday, July 18, 2011

Vegas baby!

This weekend I took a little trip to Las Vegas with my friends Sian-Amy and Jenni. We stayed with some friends of Sian-Amy's that were on holiday for a couple of weeks. Although I always talk about how I hate Vegas, I decided to take the opportunity of a road trip. From this trip I learned:

  • I really do hate Vegas
  • 80 MPH test zones are the best because then you can go 90 MPH and not even feel bad
  • Having a BMW follow you for 2.5 hours isn't creepy it actually brings you closer and eventually you will name him and you will be very sad when he gets off in Beaver
  • English accents are great and I wish I could imitate one well 
  • English people say Adidas like add-dee-dass
  • Don't wear your favorite sandals to walk down the strip because they will get dirty and then break
  • Grim and holla are great words to use
  • Even if you hate Vegas good friends and shopping makes it worth it :)

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