Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mona Lake

Yesterday I got the day off from work because of Pioneer Day (it's a big deal in Utah)! So I spent the day with friends. We started our day with brunch at Elsa and Brian's. I tried grits for the first time! They were pretty good...I think...well it was in a breakfast casserole and I liked that so that means I liked the grits, right? Well anyways after brunch we played Pit. If you haven't played this game before, you should because it is so fun! It's based off of the stock market and it's just a crazy, loud game; exactly what I like in a game. Then we went to Mona Lake. If you are not from Utah Valley you probably have no idea where this is or what it is. Mona Lake is about 30 minutes south of Provo. It is famous for it's rope swings and basically it is mandatory for every college student in Utah Valley to go at least once. You can't really call it a lake, it's more of a deep pond. The water is pretty murky and it smells a little funny, but I guess that is all just part of the adventure. There were a TON of people there because I guess everyone had the same idea as us to go on a holiday. Although I didn't go on the rope swing (so what! I'm a chicken!), it was really scary fun watching everyone go off. Then we went to Big Burger, possibly the only place to get a burger in Mona. They had great burgers and I also recommend their shakes!

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