Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July Recap

I've been neglecting my poor blog this week. I'm sorry. I did a ton of stuff and I was too lazy to catch up, but here I am to get up off my sorry butt and lame excuses.
So Fourth of July it was almost a week ago, but I figure since I still saw fireworks going off last night that it is still ok to post about it. In my last post I really wasn't kidding about how Provo likes to celebrate the 4th for the entire week, but I guess it's more like the week before and the week after so more like 2 weeks. I went to Stadium of Fire on Saturday and saw the most AMAZING fireworks that I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, they were amazing! Oh and I saw David Archuleta and Brad Paisley! It was great. Loved every moment. Then on Sunday night I camped out for the parade the next morning. The camping out part was more fun than the parade. Then that night we (Katie, Brooke, Elsa, Brian, Brandon, Matt, and I) went to Elsa and Brian's home for a BBQ. It was so fun! We ate great food, I had my first experience with the game Pit (play it, you will love it) and we lit fireworks/watched all of Provo light up.
Butterbeer snow cones!
Kelsey, Lauren, and I at Stadium of Fire
I love America
David Archuleta
Lauren and I 
Brad Paisley
A very sleepy Katie and Kelsie at the parade
The rest of this week has been full of friends, movies, food, homecomings (welcome back Sian-Amy and Holly) and I got my first bug bites of the summer (there are 8 so far) I've been lucky to make it this far! This week is looking promising for more fun, even if Katie is leaving me to go on a cruise to Mexico...

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  1. Kelsie, Kelsie, Kelsie... Provo does not stop celebrating until after Pioneer Day, silly:) To quote Sian-Amy, "You will love it."


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