Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's February! Let's try something new!

Happy February!
First things first I want to congratulate my wonderful friend, Clarissa on her mission call!
I am so excited about for her!
She is going to the Sacramento, California ASL mission!
Clarissa you are going to be such a wonderful missionary! 
The people in Sacramento are lucky to have you :)

In other news, I was reading my list of blogs and my friend Jennie from my freshman ward put something up that I want to try and do too!
Photo a day challenge!
Sounds cool right!?
So i'm planning on trying to post a picture everyday and hopefully I will keep up.
Day 1: your view today
 Today has been pretty busy so my night will spent trying to get my homework done.
Key word is trying. ha
I'm going to get started for real right now. 

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