Monday, September 12, 2011

Second Dinner

One thing that I really love is food. Something I like even better is free food.

Tonight I didn't just get free food. I got free dinner. Twice.

And for one of those dinners, I was getting paid. That's right I got paid to eat!

Today we had a meeting at work to discuss things like safety (which confused me a tiny bit considering the most dangerous thing we do in the ticket off ice is hang up the calendar on the bulletin board); well I don't really know what it was about because I only really came for the food and I couldn't hear them over the rumblings of my stomach. I was starving. Then finally they stopped talking and they satisfied me with something I love:
J Dawgs.
If you have never heard of J Dawgs, you should feel ashamed. There are only two reasons you may not know  about the deliciousness called J Dawgs. First is that you have never been to Provo and therefore have not had the opportunity to know of it. Second is that you live in Provo and you are a hermit that never leaves from under your rock. J Dawgs is a hot dog place just south of campus. I love it.

Needless to say I was very happy about getting paid to eat J Dawgs. It was truly delightful.

Then at FHE tonight we had a baked potato bar and homemade chili verde. Some of my favorite FHEs include food, but the best are anything homemade.

Second dinner was just as satisfying as the first.

Nerd Alert: Sometimes I wish I was a hobbit so I could eat all the time and no one would judge me.

Anyways my night was filled with good company and good food. Life doesn't get much better than that.

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