Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Today is my daddy's birthday!!!
To celebrate I had mexican food and lots of sugar!
Here are some things that I love about my dad:
  1. He taught me all of the corniest jokes and everyone thinks I'm funny.
  2. He taught me all about Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and superheroes, all of them.
  3. He is always happy, always.
  4. He likes to meet new people and people like to meet him.
  5. He taught me to love the gospel.
  6. He told me his jam is "I'm sexy and I know it" and that makes him cool.
  7. I just love to hear his voice.
  8. He is always encouraging me to follow my dreams.
  9. He showed me spicy food is delicious.
  10. He taught me that tears can make you laugh and there is no point in being sad for very long.
I love you Daddy! 
I wish I could be with you to celebrate!

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