Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 things

10 things that I am currently thinking of:
  1. My tailoring class is taking over my life
  2. Chips and salsa, snow cones, and cookies for dinner sounds like a good idea until you feel sick afterwards
  3. It is so warm in our apartment lately
  4. I got a call today that these shoes are in!
  5. Toothache=dentist appointment next week
  6. I made this recipe yesterday and it was delicious!
  7. I wish I were swinging right now
  8. Can school just be over yet?
  9. I saw the Avengers again last night and loved just as much as the first time
  10. Finished my first swimsuit today and now trying to decide for my second suit on a pattern like this:
lace trim or swimsuit
Your thoughts?


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